Hite Gets Naked on the Beach in New Music Video

March 2, 2017 | Posted in Editorial Features by holly-kingstown

Bald and in the Buff on the Beach!

Singer Hite (AKA Julia Easterlin) has a new album called "Light Of A Strange Day," and it is being released in full on March 24th. The single "Light" is available now and the music video above is for it and wow, it is pretty. 

Directed by Hite's friend Mahala Gaylord, we get to see the bald beauty dance on the beach and eventually peel off all of her clothes right there on Fort Tilden Beach near Queens. 

About her music video, Hite said to Bust, "It was raining, we were both freezing, and the beach was deserted. There was no music playing in the background - I was just improvising movement to silence - and eventually I felt like I should take my clothes off and get in the water. The resulting video is that footage set to the music. Who knows how it will be received; how do people feel about ladies with shaved heads dancing nude for themselves and by themselves on a beach just because??!?"

I am pro all women getting naked whenever they fucking feel like it and I know a lot of people who agree with that sentiment - plus this song is beautiful. 

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