"SS-GB" Has Some Sweet HN and SB

March 1, 2017 | Posted in Celebrity by jack-blackbush

That's Hard Nips and Sidebutt

While imagining a world where the Germans won WWII is kind of horrifying - apparently, if this was case that means we'd get to see Maeve Dermody's boobs and Kate Bosworth's side butt, according to the new BBC series SS-GB (2017). It's a horrible idea to think about, though SS-GB has some great HN (hard nips) and some pretty awesome SB (side butt).

You know, let's not even talk about the plot or the premise of the show - it's way too depressing. The last thing any of us want to do is be sad while looking at Maeve Dermody's really awesome boobs and Kate Bosworth's super duper sidebutt. These things should be happy and bring us joy. Technically speaking, I guess they do, but still I can't help but feel a little bad about the idea of this show. And when I'm sad there are really only a few things that can cheer me up... like a topless Maeve Dermody and a naked Kate Bosworth.

I have little to no idea where this show is going, but as long as the nudity keep coming I guess I'll be tuning in. Man, what is with parallel universe television shows where terrible stuff happens? At least they still have hotties in this other universe.

Check out all the nudity from every episode of SS-GB over at Mr. Skin.

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