All Paths Should Lead to Michelle Monaghan's Boob

February 28, 2017 | Posted in Celebrity by jack-blackbush

What Wouldn't One Do for Michelle Monaghan's Boobs?

Most of us have a hard time understanding why anyone would join a freaky cult. Sure, we can talk about a lack of self-confidence or evil charm of the leaders, but have we stopped and thought maybe it's Michelle Monaghan and her awesome boobs? I mean, I think we'd all follow Michelle Monaghan and her awesome boobs to the end of the earth.

Sure, there might a groan or two of disappointment because this isn't a full-on Michelle Monaghan boob shot. You kind of have to look quickly at just the right moment, but no one ever said things in the world would be easy. When it comes to the wonderful sight of Michelle Monaghan's boob, if you have to bend or flex or look at just the right moment, even for just a little peek, then damn it, it's worth the effort. Think about it - you did all this work and you got the best reward of all; doesn't that make you feel great? I know I feel pretty damn awesome. If you don't, then just put on Kiss Kiss Bang Bang (2005).

Following someone because they promise your soul will get to ride a spaceship is a bad idea - no one should do that. Following Michelle Monaghan because she got some awesome boobs, that's probably the smartest thing any of us could ever do.

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