A Quick Flash Is More Than Enough Ariel Winter

February 27, 2017 | Posted in Celebrity by jack-blackbush

Though We'd Totally Take More Time

Even though this Instagram video lasts only a matter of seconds, it will forever be ingrained in your memory. For, you see, the cleavage of Ariel Winter is just that powerful that even only seeing it for a brief second or two is more than enough.

Now, I'm in now way saying that we don't want to view Ariel Winter's cleavage for longer and longer periods of time (I would actually argue against that claim), but all I'm trying to say is that she's got some the best cleavage around. And you put that cleavage in sexy lingerie... well, my friends, you need only half a second, a quick glimpse, a look from the side; however you want to say it, that little bit of time and that image is saved in your memory banks. Of course, getting a 10 second, 15 minute, or 190 hour video viewing of Ariel Winter cleavage would also be pretty nice. Thank goodness one can watch this quick clip over and over and over again.

Four seconds may seem like nothing, but it's not. In four seconds, you can change the world, save a life, or watch Ariel Winter flash her most incredible cleavage. You can make any of those choices and no matter what, you'd be making the right one.

Via Ariel Winter on Instagram

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