Is It Hot In Here or Is It Just a Nude Alicia Jade?

February 24, 2017 | Posted in Celebrity by jack-blackbush

Alicia Jade Could Be Right Out of a Graphic Novel

If you ask me, I'd rather be too cold than too hot. Personally, I just don't enjoy being hot. You sweat, everything gets kind of stinky, you look like someone dumped a bucket of dishwater on you. Yeah, being hot and sweaty is not fun... unless you're Alicia Jade. In which case, when you are sweating and naked, it's one hell of an amazing sight.

Sure, I have no proof that Alicia Jade is actually sweating or if it's just some water or oil... Alicia Jade nude covered in baby oil... sorry, just had to let that thought run through my head a few times, but as I was saying, Alicia Jade is making being too hot look too good. Seriously, if someone had played around more with these pics in Photoshop I would have sworn they were straight out of some awesome graphic novel. Hell, make a nude Alicia Jade black and white and I would swear we have a new Sin City (2005) on our hands. Whatever the reason behind the glistening nude body of Alicia Jade, it is one hell of a beautiful sight. But seriously, is anyone else getting warm? Can someone open a window or turn on a fan? 

You know, I'm not surprised that Alicia Jade is this hot - her name is Alicia Jade. Her name even sounds like the character from a graphic novel, you know, the character that drives men crazy. And when they make it into a movie, Alicia Jade could be played by Alicia Jade!

Photos by Harris Nuken

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