Sara Jean Underwood Doesn't Need a Flotation Device

February 23, 2017 | Posted in Celebrity by jack-blackbush

In Case of Emergency, Sara Jean Underwood Is Sexy

They say that even if you are the most accomplished swimmer in the world, when you are spending a day on the water you should play it safe and wear a life jacket or have some other kind of flotation device. But Sara Jean Underwood is good to go - she comes with two of greatest flotation devices in the world.

One thing I'm just realizing about Sara Underwood - and I've probably always known this but never said it out loud - is that she does a lot of outdoor activities either topless or completely nude. I mean, she's gone hiking topless and camping naked and now it seems she's about to have fun on some type of water craft without her bikini top. Man, Sara Jean Underwood is living one hell of a wonderful life, and how great is it that she shares her topless adventures with us? Though, I can't imagine what it must be like to be enjoying the day on a boat only to see a topless Sara Underwood whiz by on a jet ski. Well, I actually can and have imagined that - it is one hell of an awesome sight.

But hey, I'm glad Sarah Jean Underwood is being safe in all her adventures. I still believe she doesn't need a life jacket. Her boobs will keep her afloat no matter the situation.

Via Sara Jean Underwood on Instagram

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