Nude in Public? Cool. Nude in the NYC Subway? Bold.

February 22, 2017 | Posted in Pornstars by jack-blackbush

Sheri Chiu Is Really Naked and Really Dedicated

I admire anyone - model, pornstar, or regular average person - who is willing to take their clothes off in a public place. You, my friend, are bolder and braver than I will ever be. But Sheri Chiu has taken it to a whole other level by not only being nude in public, but also by being nude in an NYC Subway Station, climbing on signs and bridges, and laying down on a tarp. While this is all incredibly sexy, I really hope there was plenty of hand sanitizer on this photo shoot.

Seriously, the photographer created some amazing images, and really, if he wanted, all he had to do was shoot a nude Sheri Chiu in front of a white backdrop and that would be have been that. But these images of her throughout NYC are pretty awesome. Though I just can't help thinking about all the grime, dirt, dust, and other substances that Sheri Chiu must have encountered on this photo shoot. Hey, at least she got to wear high heels in the subway station. Bare feet in any subway station, much less an NYC subway station, is not recommended.

So give some mad props to Sheri Chiu and the complete and total nudity in public and her complete and total dedication. It takes guts to get nude in public, but it takes something else completely to do what Sheri Chiu did while nude in public.

Photos by Gary Breckheimer

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