Lauren Lapkus' Nude Debut Is No Laughing Matter

February 22, 2017 | Posted in Celebrity by jack-blackbush

Hoping More Jokes And More Lauren Lapkus Nudity On Crashing

Lauren Lapkus has carved out a nice career of being the cute and wacky best friend or just the funny friend, but finally she getting her chance to show she's more than just a pretty face who can crack jokes. She's got some pretty awesome boobs to go with her pretty face and joke telling abilities.

Well, I guess I should say awesome boob because are only seeing this one, but I am a firm believer that her other boob is probably just as nice. I really don't know what is about cute, funny girls that really just drive me wild. Something about seeing them nude or topless is just fills me with a warmth that is very hard to describe. Maybe it's that someone like Lauren Lapkus reminds me of all the girls I grew up, had a first kiss with, but never got to see nude. Or just that women who can make me laugh are awesome and the boobs are typically awesome. I don't know, it could be anything really.

All I know is that this is hopefully the beginning of Lauren Lapkus' nudity. After all I think if you have a show on HBO, even if it's a comedy like Crashing (2017), you have to have some kind of nudity on. Hey, maybe we can see Lauren Lapkus' ass next time, I bet it's pretty cute as well.

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