Kink Names The Ten Kinkiest Cities in the United States

February 17, 2017 | Posted in Pornstars by holly-kingstown

How Is the Kink Where You Live?

Kink has released their annual list of the top ten most kink-friendly, sex positive cities int he United States. They take a lot of factors into account when creating this list, including resources available to kinky people - like the amount of dungeons and fetish friendly bars, doctors, lawyers, and therapists that a city has along with the number of kinky sexual items that people are purchasing from their website and the websites that people are subscribing to. 

Kink also says that the consumption of fetish porn/toys "experienced significant growth" in nearly every American city, except for the city of El Paso, Texas which Kink says is a place that is bone dry as far fetish fun is concerned. Here's that list:

1) Los Angeles, California

2) New York City, New York

3) Portland, Oregon

4) San Francisco, California

5) Chicago, Illinois

6) Las Vegas, Nevada

7) Atlanta, Georgia

8) Washington, DC

9) Boston, Massachusetts

10) Austin, Texas

Kink also has put together a really cool list of the most commonly purchased sex toys for each state. Californians love their zappers, Illinois residents enjoy male chastity cages and Oklahomans can't get enough dildos. Go figure!

You can read the whole feature over at Kink and the image above is from Kink's Electrosluts website.


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