Bella Hadid Is Really Hadoing Some Great Work

February 17, 2017 | Posted in Celebrity by jack-blackbush

How Does Bella Hadid Keep Up the Sexiness?

It seems like every single week Bella Hadid has done another really awesome photo shoot or print ad or sexy Instagram post. I honestly don't know how she has the energy or stamina to keep up this pace, but damn it, she's doing some really great work. Whatever your secret is, Bella Hadid, please keep doing it for us!

I know we'll never get tired of seeing Bella Hadid's cleavage or Bella Hadid's sideboob or even Bella Hadid's nipple, but at the rate she is going at, one has to be slightly worried about fatigue. Maybe she has a great diet and hits the gym all the time to keep up this pace. Then again, Bella Hadid could be one of those people who just constantly has energy. You know, the types who decided they want to take up running and then go run five miles the first day. The ones who can function perfectly off three hours of sleep. Seriously, I hate those people. Not Bella Hadid, if she is one of those people, then I love those people. Well, person. I just love Bella Hadid and all her sexiness.

As long as Bella Hadid's mysterious ways keep working, that's really all that matters. We should all take a few moments and admire Bella Hadid's hotness and honor Bella Hadid's stamina by staring at her pictures even longer.

Photos via V Magazine

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