Best of Reddit: What's Your Drunk Sex Story?

February 17, 2017 | Posted in Editorial Features by colette-callaway


Hey there, Fleshlings, I'm bringing back a series that was a delight to curate and hopefully just as fun to read: The Best of Reddit. Basically, I check out the Ask Reddit sex section and find the funniest, most recent posts - that way you can contribute too, if you'd like. This week, it's also about drunk sex. (Why can't I use emoji on this blog admin yet?) 

Not the Time to Pull a Britney 

Where's the Popcorn? 

Aunt Flo on a Bender

I Hope They Call Him That at Work


Puke and Rally 

Not a Bad Idea, Actually

How Many Times Have I Said 'You're Gonna Have to Try the Other Hole'

Why Do You Presume That?? 

Feel free to contribute your stories in the comments here as well, of course. 

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