Natasha Olenski Talks “Fifty Shades” and More Over at Naked News

February 16, 2017 | Posted in straight by alice-wyke

Get Your Naked News from Sexy Natasha!

Naked News anchor Natasha Olenski strips slowly and delivers to the latest Hollywood and print goings on over at Naked News. Naked News' sexy news team spends the whole week every week sharing the latest and greatest in the world of stars in the buff along with a lot of other fun. Olenski and her curvy frame are just the best, in my opinion. She is such a hot chick and I fucking love the bustier she wears in this report! Yummy.

We get to hear about the nude doings in "Fifty Shades Darker" along with discussing star Kim Basinger's naked awesomeness in another movie courtesy of Mr. Skin. Excellent naked movie moments starring Anna CampRosamund Pike, and sexpot screen legend Sharon Stone get thoroughly examined and we all get to examine Olenski's pretty body as she slowly gets out of that lingerie. Sexy magazine shoots of Charlotte McKinneyKate Moss, and sexy Frenchie Emilie Payet get discussed while a recent wardrobe malfunction during pop star Britney Spears' Vegas show gets in-depth coverage. Oh, Olenski's butt wiggle is delightful. Go watch more!

Go watch Olenski's full report and Olenski's fully nude self over at Naked News!

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