Go Check Out Ancient Chinese Sex Toys in San Francisco!

February 15, 2017 | Posted in Pornstars by holly-kingstown

Human Beings Have Always Loved Fake Dick!

The Asian Art Museum of San Francisco has an exhibition opening on Saturday called "Tomb Treasures: New Discoveries From China's Han Dynasty" and it has some beautiful stuff in it. Asian antiquities are always pretty awesome in my opinion, but there are two items in the collection that fit right into my wheelhouse. 

There are two dildos made of bronze and they are believed to have been made sometime between 206 BC and 8 AD. They were removed from the tomb and gravesite of Chinese bigwig Liu Fei and I am actually kinda sad that they took the sex toys he wanted to spend eternity with, out of the earth and away from him. I have a friend who is unnaturally attached to his Riley Reid Fleshlight and maybe he wouldn't want to be buried with it, but at the very least, he would want to know that it was well taken care of after he had shuffled off of this mortal coil.

They are having what looks like an epic party called Afterlife on Friday night celebrating the opening of the exhibit and you can click right here to get tickets for the party and check out the old school dildo magic.

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