Fleshbot's Sex Toy Roundup!

February 15, 2017 | Posted in Pornstars by holly-kingstown

Celebrate Self-Love!

Happy Valentine's Day/the day after Galentine's Day/Tuesday! I truly hope that whatever you are into for today that you have a super day filled with things and people that you love. Self-love is just as if not more important than any love you get from another person, so pick yourself up a new sex toy to pleasure yourself with. You know you deserve to feel great! Here are some items that have crossed my desk recently that I heartily recommend you trying out.

Behold Bonnie Rotten Black Label's Bonnie Rotten Fuck My Pussy Stroker! It costs $34, is made of body-safe TPR and is inspired the pussy of the legendary hardcore but currently retired queen Rotten. It has a pleasant, ribbed interior and is open-ended for easy cleanup with soap and warm water -you will want to have some water-based lube on hand to use this comfortably. An earlier model of this toy that isn't available anymore flew off the shelves and this one definitely seems just as great. 

If you are in the market for a stroker that is not made to resemble a porn star's neither regions, I recommend the Sono No. 23 Stroker. All of the little small stimulating nubs inside this thing are fucking amazing and it is made of stretchy, soft yet solid TPE. It is also open-ended for easy cleanup with soap and warm water and again, water-based lube for this is a must.  It comes in the three colors you can see above but I cannot recommend the clear one enough. It makes cleaning a breeze and well, I am kinky enough to want to watch my man use this in front of me. 


This is the Mini Marvels Silicone Marvelous Eggciter by Cal Exotics and the whole Mini Marvels line just won an award at The "O" Awards in January for its super cool packaging. The toys themselves though are pretty freaking cool and the Eggciter is the one I recommend you pick up. It costs $64 and is all silicone, meaning water-based lube only with this blue beauty. It is small enough to easily be used for clitoral/labia stimulation during penetration, it's waterproof (hello, bathtub fun) and is charged easily with the included USB cord. It has ten different vibrating speeds/vibration patterns and is water-based lube compatible only. It's really easy to hold and is so ergonomic. I am a sucker for a toy with a smart design like this one.

Are you in the market for a new kegel exerciser? Check out XR Brands' Red Apple Kegel Exerciser. It costs $18 and is made of silicone for easy cleaning and has a weighted, free-rolling ball inside of it for some interesting sensations as you work your PC muscles around it. The loop at the end makes retrieving this from your vag easy as pie and the smooth, velvety texture is easy to insert with some water-based lube. The "apple" itself is about an inch and a half thick and will definitely help you meet your pussy clenching, orgasmic goals. I dig this fruit a lot.

This is NS Novelties' Renegade Tear Drop Cock Ring and it is a bargain at $9. You can get it for only $6 if you are willing to go for a neon green one versus the three dollars more expensive black or yellow ones. A man with a cock ring on just turns me the fuck on and this is a super stretchy, slightly ridged and comfortable one to wear. Cock rings help keep an erection going longer and it creates an oh-so attractive bulge in a man's pants when he is wearing one, say, under a pair of jeans - so very hot. The teardrop shape of this gives the wearer for choices as to how to position one's ball sack. This is an economical way to give a cock ring a try if you haven't taken one of these around the block before.

Lastly, here we have Jimmyjane's Essentials Pocket Pleasure Kit for $7. I was not a boy child and thereby never a boy scout but being prepared is always a really great idea. This kit can easily be stashed in a purse or in a glove compartment on date night or in your carry-on as you travel and it has two latex condoms in it, a small tube of water-based lube and a couple of breath mints. All of these things are smart things for an adult to have around at all times and the fact that they come in this well-packaged kit all together is kinda wonderful. You don't want to not have a condom when it is time to get some fucking done, lube is always useful and hey, bad breath just is not sexy.

The image of Rotten and her friends above is from the awesome new compilation from Digital Sin called "The Gangbangs" and it appears here courtesy of Digital Sin/New Sensations.

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