XHamster Is Rerouting All of Utah to Its Sex Ed Site

February 10, 2017 | Posted in Editorial Features by colette-callaway

This week is apparently International Porn Takes on Sex Ed week, because we've got another major tube site offering up content about real-life sex, or what I like to call context. They made headlines by redirecting all of Utah's XHamster viewers to this nifty pop-up that can take them to The Box, their PG-13 YouTube channel dedicated to sex ed. Why Utah, you ask? 

Why Utah, you ask? I wish I didn't have to be the bearer of bad news here, but Utah struck down a bill that would allow parents to opt into comprehensive sex ed for their kids, giving them an alternative option to abstinence-based education. This is particularly ironic considering that Utah also has the highest porn consumption of any state along with the highest STI rate, but hey, if they want to continue deluding themselves into thinking that not teaching kids about sex actually works, then I guess we can't stop them. 

At any rate, XHamster has stepped up to the plate. I'll admit that at first I was a little worried - both Pornhub and XHamster doing this in the same week seemed fishy, as both sites have been known for their (admittedly effective) PR stunts. Upon further investigation, however, it would seem that The Box is pretty awesome - and the channel itself was launched backed in October. Here's what they said in their original blog post:

"While we love porn, we don’t think that it should be relied on for sex ed any more than Star Wars is a substitute for science class. Utahns consume the most porn per capita of any state in the nation. Let’s see if we can turn the thirstiest state in the nation into the most sexually aware."

The videos posted so far discuss common sex acts and concepts that someone might not know much about, but often see in porn. (Has anyone caught on that this is kind of what I do here on Fleshbot, too? Eh?) 

BUT ANYWAYS, enough from me. Here are a few of my personal favorites: 

(Fave part: When the granny exclaims, "Oh yay! A penis!!!") 

This was surprisingly real. 

Hannah Witton is a delight. 

So far, I like this a lot more than the Sexual Wellness Center from Pornhub, but I guess we'll have to see how - and if - either site sustains them. 

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