Fleshtunes: The Bobbi Dylan Edition

February 15, 2017 | Posted in Editorial Features by holly-kingstown

Listen to Bobbi's Tunes!

Sexy Bobbi Dylan is smart, beautiful, and always has something interesting to say. Here are some songs that make her happy.

"Hurricane" by Bob Dylan: It explains so many controversial issues at the time. It shows how even though Bob Dylan may not have been directly affected by racism, he still stood against it and fought for the right things to be done. If Hurricane Carter could be nonviolent and serve an unjust prison sentence, anyone can get through a tough day.

"Money Dance" by A.V: This is a song I discovered my first time ever stripping and it's such a catchy party song that anyone would want to get on the pole and start twerking.

"King Park" by La Dispute: It's a story told about places like where I grew up - gun violence in a city, children being killed by stray bullets, and having to show up to a crime scene to find out someone you love was involved or hit. It shows how one event can affect the whole neighborhood.

"Enter Sandman" by Metallica: Amazing song, and a legendary band. But this song also holds memories of being in middle school listening and requesting this song to headbang to at every single dance party.

"Dumb" by Nirvana: I've always felt an odd kinship with Kurt Cobain since childhood. I did my first book report on his journals. My first debate topic was on Kurt being murdered. So this is a classic song by them and good to play in all moods to jam out to.

The image of Dylan above is from Digital Sin's "Schoolgirl Bound 3" which you can check out in our store or over at the New Sensations website. Follow Dylan on Twitter to keep up with her porn and her thoughts and here is what I am listening to right now. Have a super week!

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