#TBT "Merkin' Around" Makes Art out of Merkins

February 2, 2017 | Posted in Pornstars by jack-blackbush

We Need to Celebrate the Merkin

Here's a question for you? Why isn't there a Merkin Appreciation Month? We have Oral Hygiene Awareness Month, Mathematics Awareness Month, National Ice Cream Month, hell, we have a National Honey Month, but nothing to celebrate the fine tradition and craftsmanship of Merkins? Well, maybe this photo shoot entitled "Merkin Around" will have you wondering why we don't honor the much-in-need-of-honoring merkin.

The definition of merkin is: "An artificial covering of hair for the pubic area" and while we mostly see them in movies and television shows to help define the time period, that's all they are good for. You have to admit, it's pretty clever, decorating merkins in such a way. I mean, building a merkin is probably tedious work and I doubt they are high on the costume department totem poll, which is sad in my view. Merkins are awesome and deserve to be respected. So, hats off to you Hilary Olsen, you made some awesome merkins! Ed Zipco took some great pictures and Annette Lamothe-Ramos did some awesome styling.

So, I'm thinking we declare July national Merkin Appreciation Month. There's only one other thing be celebrated then, plus it's during the summer when people are wearing short shorts, bikinis, and bathing suits - it's kind of perfect. Mark your calendars and enjoy these artful merkins!

Via Vice

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