Checking in with Dian Hanson, Editor of Taschen's "Lesbians For Men"

March 1, 2017 | Posted in Pornstars by holly-kingstown

Yay for Sexy Lesbians!

Taschen has just released this beautiful book of photographs edited by Dian Hanson titled "Lesbians For Men," which is chock full of gorgeous images of women getting it on with other women. Hanson explores the concept of lesbian sex being packaged for the consumption of the opposite sex in this and whether or not you go for that, the images in this are luscious. Here's what Hanson shared about the book:

What inspired you to put this book together?

"I regularly look through sex books from other publishers, in stores and online, to see what isn’t being done and what’s not being done well. I noticed there have been books of girl/girl photography, but always keeping up the fallacy that the photos represent 'young women exploring their forbidden fantasies.' From my years of work at sex magazines, I know this is a crock; these women are hired to perform together because straight men love the bisexual female fantasy. I therefore decided to make a book that tells the truth and explores this age-old fantasy from the male and female perspectives, while providing hot girl/girl photos."

What do you think differentiates lesbian images intended for male consumption and those intended for a female viewing audience?

“Lesbians' for men have to conform to the current straight male concepts of feminine beauty, generally meaning young, fit-but-shapely, in provocative lingerie and heels, with flowing hair and pretty, made-up faces. It also helps if a good proportion cast flirtatious glances at the camera, i.e., the male viewer, inviting him into the action."

What do you think that people will be most surprised to learn about the concept of lesbian sex done as titillation for men by reading this book?

"That the women involved get off on it, but not as natural bisexuals, as men fantasize. What they get off on is how aroused men are by watching their behavior, how they can blow a guy’s mind just by kissing another girl. There’s a tremendous sense of power in this."

What about lesbian sex do you personally believe arouses men the most?

"It’s a pretty even split between men thinking that these women are so sexually liberal and experimentive, so damn horny, that they’ll even do it with other women, and would therefore welcome the man to join them, and the guys who want to see hardcore sex but hate the competition of another man getting what they’re not."

All of the images here appear courtesy of Taschen

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