Now Lea Michele Is Sleeping in the Nude

January 31, 2017 | Posted in Celebrity by jack-blackbush

Lea Michele Joins in the Naked Sleeping Fun

Being famous means that sometimes you can be a trend-setter without even doing it on purpose. And while some trends aren't really things we can get behind, others are really great ideas that we all can throw our full support behind, like hot celebrities sleeping in the nude. The latest one to jump on this naked bed bandwagon? Lea Michele.

Not that long a Jenna Dewan-Tatum was caught by her hubby taking a little naked nap and he shared that incredible image with the world on Instagram. Of course, it wouldn't take long before others would not only join in, but try to see who can nap the nakedest. Well, Lea Michele, your naked napping is pretty awesome if you ask me. That little hint of ass is simply driving all of us wild. We applaud your nude sleeping and look forward to seeing more nude sleeping pics of you on Instagram in the very near future. We also look forward to seeing who else decides to strip down, hop into bed, and post a pic on Instagram.

Though, I can't say for sure this whole nude sleeping Instagram pic thing is a trend or a rivalry or anything. All I know is that it's pretty freaking awesome. Sure, some of you might say that Jenna Dewan Tatum did it first, but who cares about first. I'm just happy Lea Michele joined in the fun.

Via Lea Michele on Instagram

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