Not All That Glitters Is Gold, But Blac Chyna in Gold See-Through Is Hot

January 31, 2017 | Posted in Celebrity by jack-blackbush

Blac Chyna's See-Through Top Is the New Gold Standard

We all know that just because something is gold and shiny doesn't mean it has any value. But if something is gold and see-through and not really covering Blac Chyna's breasts then the value is through the roof! That is an opportunity you don't want to pass up on, and there's no doubt seeing Blac Chyna's breasts will continue to grow in value as the years go on.

You know, this has me thinking that we need a gold see-through standard. A scale to judge see-through outfits on their level of see-through-ness and overall sexiness. We can go ahead and say the highest level anyone can hope to achieve on the gold see-through standard is Blac Chyna. This outfit and the amount of boob we are seeing is pretty damn awesome. I really don't know if Blac Chyna could show off any more skin unless she wasn't wearing a damn thing at all. Though, if that was the case, then we couldn't use the newly minted gold see-through standard.

And you know what the real crazy thing is about these awesome Blac Chyna see-through top pics? They were apparently put up on Instagram. Now, I didn't rush off to Blac Chyna's Instagram page to verify this info because odds are they are already taken down by Instagram's dumb "community standards." Thankfully, someone was able to snag the images before they went away. So, sit back and enjoy the highest level of see-through hotness there is.

Via The Nip Slip

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