Five Reasons Why I Enjoyed "Straight Up Anal", by Angela White

February 16, 2017 | Posted in Editorial Features by holly-kingstown

Angela Rocks Anal Scenes!

Aussie porn superstar Angela White has been just killing it with her scenes since she moved to the United States to make more of our porn dreams/her own sexual goals come to fruition. In Mike Adriano Media/Evil Angel's "Straight Up Anal 3", she and performer/director Mike Adriano gift the world filthy anal fun.

"The first reason I enjoyed this scene has to be the ANAL. This title gets straight to the point and so does Mike. He is a total anal pervert and I mean that as a compliment. I love that Mike is so passionate about his niche and you can see the real excitement on his face when he gets to eat out or fuck a butthole. It's a pleasure to share in his excitement."

"One of the reasons that shooting with Mike Adriano is such a pleasure is that he is a perfect gentleman. Throughout the filming, Mike asked me whether I was comfortable or needed anything, and with each new position or act he would ask if I was OK with doing X, Y, or Z. It felt like Mike had a genuine interest in making sure the female talent enjoys herself. I had fun and enjoyed every minute of this scene."

"Mike's sets are incredibly professional. He has the talent's bathroom set up with everything you could ever need and even things you never thought you needed. Mike goes the extra mile by providing, among other things: mouthwash, deodorant, hydrogen peroxide, band-aids, shower gel and even an anal warm up kit. It's the little things that make you feel valued."

"I could not talk about 5 things I loved about 'Straight Up Anal 3' without talking about Mike's cock. Mike has an incredibly large and impressive cock. However, it's not just his great equipment; Mike knows how to use it. Mike is truly an anal expert. He never forces his way into a butt; he just eases it in until it opens up and is ready for him to push in deeper."

"Mike insisted on feeding me after the scene. Every woman has a different routine when it comes to prepping for an anal scene, but I know a lot of those routines involve a restriction on food intake. Mike always made sure I had a nice meal waiting for me at the end of the scene so I left with my appetite satisfied as well as being sexually satisfied. Maybe that wouldn't merit a mention for another person's 'favorite 5 list' but all I ever really want is for someone to feed me and fuck me - Mike had me covered."

All of the images and video here appear courtesy of Mike Adriano Media/Evil Angel. Be sure to follow White on Twitter to keep up with all of her fine porno moments and click right here to go watch "Straight Up Anal 3" right now!


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