Checking in With Girlsway's Creator Bree Mills

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Girlsway Greatness!

Girlsway's Head of Production Bree Mills - shown on the left with director Alan E. (AKA Stills By Alan) on the right - just had a super time at the AVN Awards show. Girlsway took home three AVN Awards for the movies "AI: Artificial Intelligence" and "Missing: A Lesbian Crime Story". The studio has truly grown into a lesbian porn powerhouse and Mills work in making this happen has been heartfelt and passionate. 

Congrats on your AVN Award wins! How does it feel to make porn that is so well-received by the critics?

"Thank you so much! It is an honor and a privilege to be recognized by our industry peers for all the hard work we put into our series. The positive reception only gives us more ammunition to try and outdo ourselves next time!"

What inspired the movie "AI: Artificial Intelligence" as a whole? What do you remember most about that winning threeway?

"'AI' was a mini-series that was spearheaded by Stills by Alan, who wrote and directed the script. I served as producer, but it was really his baby! He was inspired to make an homage to the 80s film 'Weird Science’ based on his own interest in sci-fi plots and because we often emulate popular films and cinematic genres in our larger projects. He had a great cast, including the return of girl/girl legend Celeste Star, so I know that the production itself had very high energy. Everyone involved was extremely proud of the final product. I also must give credit to our amazing editing team, who won for their special effects work on this at the XBIZ awards."

Will the "The Turning" and "Missing: A Lesbian Crime Story" storyline be continuing? What do you think makes these two features resonate with viewers so deeply?

"I like to think of the MANTIS storyline, as featured in 'The Turning' and 'Missing', as our own little soap opera saga! Will audiences ever find out who MANTIS truly is?!? Do I even know?! I think the reason why these series resonated with viewers so much is because you don’t often see this much character development and interconnected storylines in adult. A fan once told me that we were ‘the Marvel Comics of Lesbian Porn’ and I’ve always thought that this was our greatest compliment...because we really try to take that comic book approach to our storytelling and people eat it up."

Your creative partnership with Stills By Alan has given the world some great stuff. What makes you two work so well together?

"We are both equally passionate about an almost obsessive point. That is the foundation of our partnership and it always has been. We also really complement each other well, especially when we tackle a project together. I’m very much about the WHAT and he is about the HOW. I focus on working with the actors and he is a maestro at all the cinematography and how to weave the story together visually. That’s why our products come out so well-conceived...we are both firing on all cylinders."

Jelena Jensen is one excellent Girl of the Year and Bree Daniels as a Girl of the Month bodes well for 2017. What does having this performer of the year/months do creatively for your company?

"First of all, it gives us an opportunity to highlight and showcase some of the women who we best feel exemplify our brand and principles: hard work, a passion for acting, strong sexual performance, and a genuine love for other women. I like to think of them as ambassadors and we almost always will feature our GOTMs in our larger projects as a token of the level we feel they have reached with us and our fans."

Your work with Girlsway has really elevated the level of the lesbian plot-based feature. What made you decide to go the storytelling route with Girlsway's work?

"For me, it was a natural fit. Lesbian porn fans are often as interested in the buildup and back story as they are to the sex itself. They want to see what brings women together, what they are feeling, and how they will react. I’m interested in that personally as a porn fan, so it also comes from a point of producing what I have always hoped to find in content and both Alan and I are big TV and film nerds so we just love creating this kind of content."

I adored "Little Red: A Lesbian Faitytale". Are there any plans to adapt more fairytales and Girlsway them up anytime soon?

"Absolutely. After the success of 'Little Red', I think another fairy tale will be in the works...either as another feature or mini-series. I bet our fans would be curious to see Alan’s take on a fairy tale next!"

How do you cast your movies? I know that you take the members' suggestions very seriously but what else really draws you to a performer?

"All our features are hand-picked from performers and GOTMs we really want to work with. When I’m writing, I almost always envision who is going to play each character before casting them. For standard scenes, we draw heavily on member suggestions (we have a very active monthly voting thread in our forums) and from numbers/data."

What is coming up from Girlsway this year? What can fans look forward to seeing?

"Several exciting things are in the works for the 2017 season. I’ve increased Alan’s mini-series efforts to release a new one each month, so look forward to lots more creative three-part plots coming from him. We’ve also revamped our ‘Dream Pairing’ series to align with our GOTM campaigns so each GOTM will be given the opportunity to write a story and cast their dream partner in a special hour-long episode, complete with two sex scenes! On my end, I will be focusing on two big feature movies this year and we will also be doing some co-productions with other notable studios and filmmakers. It’s going to be a very fun year to be a Girlsway member!"

Is there anything you'd like to say to your fans here at Fleshbot?

"Thank you for all your support! Keep paying for your porn and inspiring us to make porn worth paying for!"

All of the images here appear courtesy of Girlsway and the sexy stuff is all from the AVN Award winning release "Missing: A Lesbian Crime Story".

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