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Bella Vendetta's Directorial Debut Is "Training Of Poe"!

Alt/fetish porn performer Bella Vendetta has made her directorial debut in  "Training of Poe" distributed by Trouble Films, which stars Vendetta and trans porn star Chelsea Poe. Vendetta calls the movie a "BDSM documentary" and it is definitely an engaging slave training odyssey, for sure. It was shot in the mountains in western Massachusetts and it is really interesting viewing.

What inspired you to create "Training of Poe"?
"Well, I had always wanted to make a film that showed what it was like to do a serious multi-day slave training with me. I've wanted to do that for years, but for whatever reason, I didn't think it would sell, didn't have the right submissive, didn't have funding... I never made it. As SOON as I became aware of Chelsea, became a fan of her work, I could tell that, this chick was super kinky, and she was someone who could really benefit from and probably really needed to do a serious immersive slave training. I approached her with the idea and she was into it. So really Chelsea inspired the film."

What about Chelsea Poe made her a great muse for creative efforts with this?
"Her willingness to trust me and let me do my own thing and just become this sponge to adsorb experience and information. She took her training really seriously, as I knew she would, and tried her best to excel at it. She was comfortable accepting pain and letting me do all sorts of intense things she had never tried before."

What do you think makes this release stand apart from other trans porn releases out there?
"Well, mainly because I don't think of it as a 'trans porn release'. I'm not even 100 percent sure many would consider it porn. It is a fetish lifestyle documentary. The fact that Chelsea is trans, or her gender at all, does not come in to play for any reason. I'm certainly not interested in marketing it with slurs or other tactics that might be offensive to Chelsea as a trans woman. I think if anyone has proven that adult material depicting genuine trans folks and their sexuality CAN be successful and still sell without selling out, that Chelsea has done that. I think the film will also appeal to anyone who is into old guard BDSM, leather household, traditional slave training, and protocol and BDSM etiquette."

What is your favorite scene in "Training of Poe"?
"My favorite scene is by far what I have dubbed the 'river scene.' I shot this scene on one of MY favorite mountains in Berkshire County... It's my happy place, and I brought Chelsea there. She was REALLY scared about this scene but she was brave. I had her dressed in this beautiful silk and lace gown and I lunge whipped her while she was soaking wet in the water. She then gets on all fours and we do some pretty risky breath play with me holding her face under the water until her makeup runs down her cheeks. It sounds a bit scary, but it's actually a soft and touching scene and shows a lot of trust. It is set to some really beautiful folk music by Forever Autumn."

How is working for Trouble Films on this?
"Well, I didn't ever really work FOR Trouble Films. I wrote and directed the concept for the film. I worked doubles at the strip club to have enough money to take time off and pay for the production. Chelsea and I BOTH put money into the shooting of the film, and I am positive that she did sex work to pay for the camera person as well!

Part of the beauty of it actually was that NO ONE was working FOR anyone. It was truly collaborative with Chelsea and I, lots of great communication. Courtney Trouble didn't see the film until after it was finished but she really took a shine to it and was been SUPER helpful in getting it finished and printed and getting the word out. The film is available for download via Trouble Films in its entirety. I really think the audience from the company will appreciate the film."

What do you love most about trans lesbian scenes? How did you learn that being a domme was what satisfies you sexually?
"Well, I did a pretty serious traditional training at the world's oldest BDSM training chateau in upstate New York, La Domaine Esemar, shortly after I turned 18. BDSM was always a part of my sexuality but it wasn't until I met the folks at La Domaine that I became aware of this entire community of people who existed surrounding this type of sexuality. I trained first as a submissive for almost a year before dipping my toe into sex work and doing a professional BDSM session. After becoming a pro domme, I also got involved in the adult entertainment industry and started shooting fetish content and from there just learned about so many new kinks (and am constantly still learning)."

Who are your role models in porn?
"Well, John Stagliano and Belladonna always inspired me as a young queer chick. Caroline Pierce is someone who I have always found so classic and adaptable.  Julie Simone is someone I always looked up to and later have gotten the chance to work with a lot. Brutal Master is someone I respect a lot in BDSM porn for doing whatever he wants."

Other than "Training of Poe", what are "must-have" DVDs for your fans?
"'Foot Fetish Sluts 2' directed by Julie Simone is one of my favorite films we have ever made together. It's so sensual and a foot lover's DREAM."

What is the best mainstream movie you have seen recently?
"Well, I just watched the new 'Jungle Book' and loved every cheesy second of it."

How about the best porno movie? Is there someone whose movies you like to watch who is working now?
"My favorite porn flick of all time will probably forever and always be 'The Opening of Misty Beethoven' and David Lynch's 'Fingered' with Lydia Lunch is the first piece of cinema I ever masturbated to. Some folks who are working right now whose stuff I really love are James Darling, Gen Padova, Hex Hypoxia, and Daisy Ducati."

What else is coming up for you?
"I actually have ANOTHER DVD coming out in March. It's a collection of scenes starring myself and burlesque starlet Morgan Fey called 'The Adventures of Morgan and Bella'. It's got everything from extreme BDSM where I whip her to tears, glitter bombs in the bathtub, and even some of our live burlesque performances together. March is also my birthday month so I am doing four feature dancing appearances in New England and Morgan will be joining me for at least one of them to promote the film."

If you could domme and/or fuck any celebrity, who would it be?
"I would wanna fuck Rihanna and domme Matthew Gray Gubler."

What single piece of advice would you give a brand new porn performer?
"To search for the types of porn you like, or at least that's as close as possible to the kind of porn you want to be making... and BUY IT. Then contact the producers/directors/studios/performers whose work you admire and ask them for some advice directly. It also really helps if you let them know you have paid for their work."

Is there anything you want to say to your fans here at Fleshbot?
"I'm baaaaack! I haven't been on Fleshbot in quite a while and it's really cool to come back and let the folks here know what I have been up to."

All of the images and video here appear courtesy of Trouble Films. Click right here to go watch "The Training Of Poe" right now!


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