Don't Worry, Have a Kiss from Elizabeth Hurley

January 20, 2017 | Posted in Celebrity by jack-blackbush

Elizabeth Hurley's Hotness Is Our Great Constant

When you are feeling blue or down and out or just plan blah, one thing you should reach for is something that will always make you smile. Maybe it's a funny cat video or rocking out to that one song that always makes you move your feet, but you need something to help change your perspective. Well, if you don't have anything like that or you're looking for an upgrade, consider this quick Instagram of Elizabeth Hurley in a sexy bathing suit blowing a kiss because I sure as hell feel better after watching it.

I'm slowly beginning to think that when Elizabeth Hurley is on the big screen or small screen, she's always poolside (or in the tub). I mean, it would appear that way from her Instagram feed (or at least from the images I'm always seeing). I'm not complaining, I would never do that, I'm merely pointing out something I've noticed. And that's probably why this video makes me feel so good. It's a constant in the world of uncertainty. In those troubled times we all go through, when nothing seems to make sense, there is nothing like the super sexiness of Elizabeth Hurley as the one constant we need to make it through.

Oh, Elizabeth Hurley, you do so much for us. I wish there was more we could do for you. Just know that you are always in our hearts, on our minds, and now saved on our phones for later viewings.

Via Elizabeth Hurley on Instagram

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