Kink Is Ending Shooting at the Armory

January 17, 2017 | Posted in Pornstars by holly-kingstown


Shooting at the Armory Ends Next Month

The San Francisco Gate is reporting that founder Peter Acworth has announced the company is ending shooting at their iconic home base located in a former armory that the company purchased in San Francisco for more than 14 million dollars more than ten years ago. The company will continue to use the building for office and administration purposes, but all shooting for the company's websites is moving to other locations in the Bay Area, Las Vegas, and Los Angeles.

The space is being transformed via a bank loan to a concert, party, and other event venue and a whole lot of remodeling needs to happen to the building for that to happen. The building currently has no heat or elevators and is not wheelchair accessible. 

The Pope's move out of The Armory gets discussed in the SF Gate piece where they talk about him packing up and moving his distinctive sets to his newly-leased space in Las Vegas. 

The Armory is still offering tours for the time being, and I would definitely say that every porn fan would get one of those while they are still available in their current form.

The image above of Cadence Lux and The Pope is from their scene together over at Kink's Device Bondage website.

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