Fleshbot's Sex Toy Roundup!


Celebrate 2017 with a new Sex Toy/Enhancement!

Welcome to the first Sex Toy Roundup of 2017! Hope you had a stress-free, very fun holiday season and that your winter has been a fun one so far. Here are some sex toys that have crossed my desk recently that I recommend you check out.


Doc Johnson's All Star Porn Star Dani Daniels' Pussy Stroker is a very budget-friendly male masturbation stroker molded off of celebrated porn star Dani Daniels' girly bits. You will 100 percent need to pair this with some water-based lube to best enjoy this Ultraskyn, body-safe, antibacterial surface-having toy. It has stimulating ridges inside and would make an excellent morning shower stroker. It cleans very easily with soap and water and who doesn't love Daniels?


A lube I have been impressed with recently is Wicked Sensual Care's Aqua Sensitive. This hypoallergenic water-based lube is seriously the most thoughtful stuff to have around if you are looking for a lube to have for your partner-based play in that it will probably not irritate or bother the part of you or anyone else you will ever encounter sexually. A little of this goes a long way and this four-ounce bottle will last you a while. It has moisturizing aloe and olive extracts in it - and you do want your genitals to have moisturized skin - and it is latex-friendly and will be A-OK with any condom or sex toy out there. 

Evolved Novelties' Pleasure Sleeve Trio is definitely another great purse/travel vibe option that runs on a single AAA battery and considering it runs on just that one battery, it is darn strong. It comes with a five year warranty which is super cool and the three silicone sleeves are wonderful for keeping the bullet vibe that you use inside of the sleeves clean. The sleeves themselves can be cleaned easily with very hot water and soap. The sleeves and the bullet vibe are all waterproof so this is also a super shower morning jill off choice.


California Exotic Novelties's Silicone Clitoral Pump is totally a must try toy for 2017 if you have never experienced one. OMG, these are so, so, soooooo much fun. First off, you absolutely, positively NEEDwater-based lube to use along with this. Otherwise, the potential for the suction of this toy could irritate your skin which is just not as sexy as it possibly sounds. Once your clit and labia (or nipples, if you want to play that way) are slick and ready, start pumping. The suction makes the nerves in the suctioned area good and sensitive, making the partnered or solo sex you are about to have just way more intense.  This has a quick air release valve which makes it easy to remove when you feel you are ready to experience what suction can do for you. Make playing with one of these a priority for 2017.

Gentlemen, please check out NS Novelties' Renegade Vibrating Massager - 1. It is made of silicone and thoughtfully comes with the three watch batteries you will need to power it. You will need water-based lube with this and NS Novelties recommends using a toy cleaner after you use this thing of wonder. Make 2017 the year you discover just how much pleasure your prostate can give you and give the vibrations some time inside of you to make your orgasms hit a whole new level. This is a super option for a man to use on his journey to the P-spot with and you can easily use this with or without the vibe bullet if the vibrations are not your thing. The vibrations run throughout the toy with the bullet vibe on and in the toy. This is a super well-made toy and the texture of the silicone is soft and very inviting.


If you are looking for a more unisex anal vibe option, let me introduce you to Vedo's Earth Quaker Rechargeable Anal Vibe. It runs at twelve different speeds and charges via an included USB cord which you can then use with your phone charger or your computer. I love, love, LOVE the bubble-shaped ridges on this that get gradually larger towards the Quaker's base. These make gaping a definite reality and the vibes run evenly up and down the Quaker's entire shaft. I have always found that vibration makes anal play easier and this goes good and deep in a butthole pretty easily. The flared base makes removal easy as can be and it is a very lovely to look at silicone vibe. Use water-based lube only with this beauty.

The image of Daniels getting her pussy fingered by Karla Kush above is from New Sensations' awesome new "Tales From The Heart Compendium" which has over five hours of the top moments from this imprint - totally worth checking out.

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