Kate Upton Plays Hide and Seek, Her Cleavage Does Not

January 17, 2017 | Posted in Celebrity by jack-blackbush

Kate Upton's Boobs Make Hide and Seek Look Like a Ton of Fun

The game of Hide and Seek is the classic adventure of one person doing their best to find one or more individuals hiding in various locations. Normally this game is played by children, and as you get older the game becomes less and less appealing, especially if you are someone who often loses things. But now that it seems Kate Upton is willing to play Hide and Seek - and play it very badly, I must point out - while wearing some pretty sexy lingerie. I have to admit this game looks pretty damn awesome.

I think Kate Upton and her incredible cleavage are probably going to have a small part - no, wait, large part (there is nothing small about Kate Upton's cleavage) - in making the game of Hide and Seek one of the most popular games again. In the very near future, I believe that every party, gathering, social function, company picnic, and awkward group date will include a round of Hide and Seek. Though, it probably won't be as fun as if we were actually playing with a lingerie-clad Kate Upton. Yeah, the only time we get to play Hide and See with a lingerie-clad Kate Upton is in our dreams.

I'd also like to thank LOVE magazine for continuing the Advent videos and even though the holidays are long over. They are really defining the concept of giving, some might even say giving until it hurts...hurts so good.

Via LOVE Magazine on YouTube

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