"Below Her Mouth" Will Blow You Away

January 17, 2017 | Posted in straight by jack-blackbush

Get Your Popcorn Ready

Probably one of the single greatest cinematic achievements in the past 10 - no, 20 years - is the film Blue is the Warmest Color. If we all had VHS copies, they would probably be worn down by now. We all thought that there would never be another piece of cinema like that again, but we all might be wrong. It appears a little film out of Canada might give Blue is the Warmest Color a run for its nudity, a film entitled Below Her Mouth.

From the trailer alone you can already tell you're going to need to make room in your DVD or Blu-ray collection for this. According to IMDb, the plot breaks down like this:

An unexpected affair quickly escalates into a heart-stopping reality for two women whose passionate connection changes their lives forever.

And while that kind of gives an idea about what will happen in the film, her are a couple of the highlights:

Erika Linder and Mayko Nguyen have sex but we only see glimpses of Mayko’s breasts. We see them both topless after sex. Then we see Mayko’s ass and some out of focus full frontal.

Natalie Krill and Erika have sex in an alley. Natalie’s panties are removed and we see her bush briefly before Erika goes to town. Then Erika’s top is removed and she unzips and pulls out a toy cock she was wearing. Erika then proceeds to fuck Natalie and we also get a glimpse of Natalie’s left breast as her dress is lowered.

Continuation of previous sex scene but now Natalie and Erika are in the bedroom. Erika is topless and then we see her shaved vagina as she removes the strap on she was wearing. Natalie pulls her dress off and now both of them are fully naked. They have sex missionary style and we see both of their breasts and Erika’s ass.

Random topless strippers as Erika visits a strip club. Erika then goes to a private room and we see Andrea Stefancikova fully naked.

And that's only a few moments from a 92-minute film! Below Her Mouth has already hit screens in Canada and some festival so, keep your eyes peeled for this one and we'll do the same.

Via Elevation Pictures on YouTube

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