Need a Mid-Week Pick Me Up? How About a Topless Ebonee Davis!

January 11, 2017 | Posted in Celebrity by jack-blackbush


Ebonee Davis's Boobs Make Hump Day the Best Day

Ahhh, Wednesday, or as it's better known, "Hump Day." While for many us, that means we have to go work and listen to that one co-worker say "Hump Day!" over and over again because they still think that joke is funny, Wednesday does have an upside. And by upside, I mean a couple of pictures of Ebonee Davis topless. Seeing Ebonee Davis's boobs kind of makes Wednesday the best day of the week.

Now, I don't want to hear any of this nonsense about one having the ability to see Ebonee Davis topless any day of the week - you are creating a problem that doesn't need to exist. Besides, why would you be focusing on such things when Ebonee Davis's breasts are right in front of you? Why can't you just enjoy the moment, enjoy the nudity? Do you really want to go listen to your co-worker make that Hump Day joke again? Yeah, I didn't think so. Look at it this way, you've made it halfway through the week. You are one day closer to the weekend. You earned this. You deserved a mid-week reward, a mid-week break, a mid-week Ebonee Davis topless.

Honestly, staring a topless Ebonee Davis kind of makes it worth constantly hearing that annoying co-worker. I'm kind of hoping we get new topless pics of Ebonee Davis every Wednesday.


Via drunken stepfather

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