Eva LaRue Makes 50 Look...Damn

January 11, 2017 | Posted in Celebrity by jack-blackbush


That Body Is Only 20

Not being one to watch daytime drama (though I'll admit to a brief period of being a fan of Day of Our Lives),, I had no idea who Eva LaRue was before this Instagram bikini pic came across my desk. I was pretty excited to see who this new 20-something actress or model or actress/model was only to discover that Eva LaRue has been around for awhile. Not only is she best known for being Dr. Maria Santos on All My Childrenbut she's apparently known for defying all the rules of aging. Seriously, she may be 50, but her bikini body is 20.

The only thing I can assume is that Eva LaRue is not getting out the pool at some fancy resort, but she actually getting out of some kind of Lazarus Pit that keeps her young. I have no idea if it's her diet, her lifestyle, or her genes, but damn it, Eva LaRue has found a way to look amazing at 50. I'm almost dumbfounded. Sure, the occasional supermodel who can afford all the weird, new-age, hippie-dippie stay-young treatments defies all logic and looks super young when she should hitting the early bird buffet, but I know for a fact that soap opera actors have hard schedules. Whatever Eva LaRue does, I really hope she keeps it up because...damn. Seriously. Damn.

At age 50, Eva LaRue is actually so hot, it's shocking. Not shocking in a bad way, but shocking like my brain can't fully understand it yet so I better look around for some more sexy Eva LaRue pics to compare. You know, because I want to understand Eva LaRue's hotness.

Via Eva LaRue on Instagram

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