That's a Stern Ariel Winter on the Bow

January 10, 2017 | Posted in Celebrity by jack-blackbush


Not Sure What to Call This Other Than Freaking Awesome

In nautical terms, the front of a boat is called the bow and the rear of the boat is called the stern. But what do it call it when Ariel Winter is showing off her ass on the front of a boat? The only thing I can think of is tight sight, but that might already be a boating term. Maybe we should just say it's freaking awesome.

While most of us are fond of Ariel Winter's topside, her stern is pretty damn great, especially in a thong bikini. Though, in all fairness, she might be not be wearing a thong and it's just the position she is in is giving us quite the cheek peek. Seeing Ariel Winter like this makes me finally understand why shipwrights used to carve beautiful women into the bows of the boats. They no doubt had a time machine, came forward in time, saw this Instagram post of Ariel Winter bent over the bow, with her glorious rear end on display, went back in their time machines, and attempted to copy this beautiful sight. Yep, that's totally how it happened - don't try and poke holes in the logic, just focus on Ariel Winter's fantastic rump.

I have no idea who we should talk to about coming up with a new boating term, but there should be some kind of word for Ariel Winter's stern on the bow of a ship. Maybe asstern? Or rumpbow? Or Amazinglyawesomeass? I don't know, someone will come up something.

Via Ariel Winter on Instagram

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