That's Quite a View, Elisha Cuthbert

January 10, 2017 | Posted in Celebrity by jack-blackbush


Must Have Been a Great Vacation

The idea that viewing someone's vacation photos used to be considered a punishment is hard for me to comprehend. Thanks to social media, seeing what people are up to, be it a vacation, a nice dinner, or getting out the shower, viewing all things has become commonplace. Personally I don't mind looking at someone's vacation pics, but I think what was upsetting to most people is they had to sit through vacation photo after vacation photo that didn't include Elisha Cuthbert's cleavage.

You gotta admit that seeing Elisha Cuthbert's cleavage on vacation really does make social media worth it. Sure, the older generation will complain that we see too much or share too much, but when it comes to Elisha Cuthbert, there is no such thing as seeing too much or sharing too much. If Elisha Cuthbert wants to share a picture of herself taking out the trash, as long as her cleavage is there I'm all for it. Though, I would be willing to bet that those who frown upon social media don't mind it so much when it's an Instagram of Elisha Cuthbert in super sexy one-piece bathing suit. And if they do complain, well, there's a point in talking to them because they've lost their mind.

Sure, I can kind of understand how seeing someone constantly on vacation could get a little annoying, but not when it's Elisha Cuthbert. As long as Elisha Cuthbert takes a cleavage selfie, then she can be on vacation for the rest of her life.

Via Elisha Cuthbert on Instagram

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