Brittany Daniel Is Doing Fine, Very Fine

January 9, 2017 | Posted in Celebrity by jack-blackbush


It's Like She Read My Mind... Oh Boy...

I kid you not, I was just wondering how Brittany Daniel was doing, and then I see this Instagram post of her in a bikini and I feel so much better knowing she is doing fine, very fine, very fine indeed. Yes, I'm going to be breathing a couple sighs of relief now that I know Brittany Daniel is fine.

And yes, I was actually thinking about Brittany Daniel the other day - I wouldn't lie to you guys, not after all we've been through. She's one of those hotties that comes and goes in my mind, probably in your mind as well. You wonder where she is, what she's doing, and if she looks amazing in a black two-piece. Now, I'm not saying that Brittany Daniel is a mind-reader and that's why she posted this bikini pic on Instagram, but I'm also not not saying she's a mind-reader. Though if she a mind-reader we might all want to clean up our thoughts just a little bit.

My goodness, she almost takes my breath away. And yes, I realize I just talked about sighing after looking Brittany Daniel in a bikini, so how can I sigh if I have no breath? Well, that's just what Brittany Daniel in a bikini does to people. She's so damn hot it can be a little confusing. Deal with it, people.

Via Brittany Daniel on Instagram

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