Check Out The Most Wasteful Lube Dispenser Ever

December 30, 2016 | Posted in Pornstars by holly-kingstown

The Pulse Is The Keurig Of Lube Dispensers

Behold this new lube dispenser, the Pulse. It is a touchless lube dispenser that warms the lube from you as it oozes out into your waiting hand. It is powered via a plug you put into the wall and it also provides "mood lighting" in multiple colors. It will run you two hundred fifty bucks which is really too expensive for what this thing is but the really bad part of this thing is the K-Cup-like Pulse Pods that you have to use in this. There is only one type of lube available for the Pulse at the present and it is silicone-based. You also can only use the Pulse Pods in the Pulse. At least the Pods are recyclable unlike K-cups but still, the lack of variety for this expensive toy is pretty awful.

I get not wanting to deal with cold lube but there are way less expensive ways to tackle that issue that still offer consumers more choice. Run your lube bottle under a warm tap, wrap the bottle briefly in a heating pad or if you must have a warmer for your lube, try one of these. I wouldn't leave my lube sitting warming in a warmer twenty-four seven but it would be totally fine to do so during the course of the timespan of an average sexual encounter. You can even go touchless with one of these if for some reason touching a bottle of lube is that big of a life issue for you.

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