Jennifer Lawrence Doesn’t Want To Talk About Where She Has Had Sex

December 28, 2016 | Posted in Celebrity by holly-kingstown


J-Law Doesn't Have To Share Everything

Hollywood A-listers Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Pratt are out there doing press for their creepy sci-fi movie "Passengers" that is in theaters now. The mind numbing drudgery of answering the same questions about a movie or a TV show eighty times in a day is definitely one of the parts of being a famous Hollywood actor that pretty much everyone who does the job complains about at one time or another. 

The general not coolness of this process went to another place last week for J-Law when she and Pratt were interviewed for the Australian radio show KIIS Summer Fling. One of the show's co-hosts, model Sophie Monk, decided to ask the two movie stars about the "most adventurous place" that they had ever had sex. Pratt and Lawrence definitely seemed like they were into answering the question at first but the more that Monk pried for details, the more things go awry to the point that eventually, it seems that Lawrence and Pratt hung up on the show before it was over.

Lawrence was a victim of the 2014 Celebgate privacy invasion and well, it's not shock that maybe after that, she might not want to talk about her private sex life with just anyone. Monk needed to read the room way better than she did.

You can listen to the interview by clicking right here.

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