ABCs of Amateur: Doll

December 22, 2016 | Posted in Amateur by colette-callaway

Welcome to my newest series, the ABCs of Amateur, where I post amateur videos from every category in alphabetical order. That's right—Every. Single. Category. Prepare to expand your mind.

D is for Doll 

Sex dolls have always been relevant, but thanks to innovations that make them ever more lifelike, these high-tech, hyper-real dolls have blurred the line between sex toy and sex partner. And you know what that means - with greater demand for dolls in the home, we've seen a greater output in sex doll porn: 

But it's not the only kind of doll porn. "Human" dolls are a very real form of roleplay that both parties definitely get off on:    

But what's the difference? What are people looking for from a sex doll, and what are people looking for from a real-person sex doll experience? Generally speaking, those who seek dolls want one of two things: 

  1. Compliance/submission 
  2. Acceptance/companionship 

They aren't mutually exclusive, of course, but those seeking doll roleplay more often than not fall into the former, while people seeking actual dolls want the latter - or both equally. 

So, dear Fleshlings, my question for you is: Would you use a sex doll? What would make you buy one? 

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