Margot Robbie Is Going Off the Market...Sigh

December 21, 2016 | Posted in Celebrity by jack-blackbush

Well, it's official. Margot Robbie is getting hitched. Yep, she is off the market. Not that any of us normal folk had a shot in hell of winning over Margot Robbie, but that doesn't mean we all aren't a little sad. I mean, we are all totally happy for Margot Robbie, that she was able to find love in this crazy, crazy world, but still... you know. Margot Robbie is off the market.

Good for her, really, I mean it. Finding love and finding love strong enough to last a lifetime is incredibly difficult for anyone to do. And I would think it might actually be a touch harder from Margot Robbie because she's one of the hottest people on the planet so she probably has dudes (and probably some ladies) throwing themselves at her 24/7. Come on, you have to admit that if you got to go on a date with Margot Robbie you would propose marriage within two minutes. Hell, I'm pretty sure I'd introduce myself, ask her about her day, and then pop the question had I been given the chance...but none of us will ever be given the chance. 

Though, I'd like to point out that the engagement photo is pretty awesome. I have a feeling people are going to start copying this one. Let's all be happy for Margot Robbie, but at the same time hope that she doesn't all of a sudden stop doing nudity because she's married. That would be terrible, just terrible.

Via Vogue

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