Hulu’s Upcoming “The Handmaid’s Tale” Series Has Some Definite Nude Possibilities

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The Handmaid's Tale's Sexual Content Is Hard to Pass By

Hulu has a ten episode series debuting in April that is an adaptation of one of my all time favorite books - Canadian author Margaret Atwood's The Handmaid's TaleEW has exclusive shots from the series, which tells the story of a future where the United States government has been taken over by an extreme Christian force. That huge Christian force combined with extreme environmental pollution and nuclear damage that renders the majority of the nation's women infertile ends up turning the nation's women into a government-owned commodity. If a woman is found to be fertile, she is made into a "handmaid" and is forced to bear children of a politician or military leader of the new country.

Elisabeth Moss will star in the lead role of Offred, the handmaid whose diary tells the story of her life in this awful dystopia, with Yvonne Strahovski playing Serena Joy, the wife of the military commander Offred is assigned to. Samira Wiley is in this as Moira, Offred's rebellious best friend/fellow handmaid. (This casting is a big departure from the book where the government literally ships all black people back to Africa in a racial cleansing effort.) Madeline Brewer (shown above while most likely topless) plays Janine/Ofwarren, who in the book is an emotionally unstable handmaid who lapses mentally back into her previous life as a waitress in the times before the takeover.

The sex in the book is all kinds of hot, weird, and interesting. I cannot stress enough how hot and how awesome that I think this series is going to be.

There was a movie made of this book starring Natasha Richardson in the role of Offred back in 1990 that you should totally see in the meantime before this. It starred Faye Dunaway tearing up the scenery in her portrayal of Serena Joy and Elizabeth McGovern kills it as Moira. Here's the trailer for the original movie.

Check out the nudity in "The Handmaid's Tale" movie over at Mr Skin!

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