Of Course Nina Dobrev Is Sexy While She Waits

December 16, 2016 | Posted in Celebrity by jack-blackbush

nullNo One Should Be Shocked By Nina Dobrev's Constant Hotness

I know that Instagram is supposed to be a social media platform to show off not only the fun and excitement things we do in life, but also the smaller and less important moments. I guess one could say Instagram could really gives us a peek into the real life of celebrities to show they are just like us. But then we get moments like this one from Nina Dobrev that reminds us she is like us. For you see, even while Nina Dobrev sits in a chair waiting, she is incredibly freaking hot.

Just picture for a moment any place where us normal folks have to wait; the DMV, any doctor's office, any major cable and internet provider's office where you have to go because your modem just quit working all of a sudden and god forbid they actually send you a replacement via message, when we sit and wait it is not a pretty picture. We all look pretty miserable, even if we are in a good mood. But not Nina Dobrev, oh no, she's freaking amazing while she waits. And sure, there might be some out there who think it's not actually Nina Dobrev, but the matching Calvin Klein bra and panty set she's rocking, but I am here to say it's not. All that hotness is all Nina Dobrev.

Honestly, I'm not that surprised that Nina Dobrev is amazingly sexy sitting in a chair and waiting. it's Nina Dobrev, when she is not sexy? Yeah, I can't think of a moment either.

Via Nina Dobrev on Instagram

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