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December 13, 2016 | Posted in Podcast by holly-kingstown


Check Out the Truth Behind the Rumors!

I appear as a special guest on the most recent episode of one of my very favorite podcasts, "Just A Story: The Urban Legends Podcast". Hosted by Samantha and Jacob LeBas, the weekly podcast is about the origins of stories, urban myths, and legends that we hear all the time. It's very, very well-researched and it covers a lot of different subjects. Recent favorite episodes of mine include one on the origin of the Jersey Devil, a Halloween episode about the poisoned candy legends that keep kids everywhere from trick or treating like we all used to and an episode on behavioral profiling that went into how the opinions and gossiping stories of locals put the West Memphis Three in prison and on death row. 

The episode that I am on is episode 56 and it is about snuff films. The couple describes the episode "Snuff Films Do Not Exist" to Fleshbot, saying, "The Urban Legend Podcast provides a quick guided tour of the history of the pornography industry's rumored associations with snuff films. Doing our very best to debunk the claims made by high-profile stars like Linda Lovelace, we discuss the safety practices and self-imposed regulations that keep actors and crew members working in porn safe today."

Samantha does beautiful original artwork for every episode and the image above is for this episode. On my appearance on their show, the couple said, "Holly provided incredible, unique insight to the inner-workings porn industry that we could not have accessed anywhere else. Her knowledge, both of the history and the the current state of the industry, is expert and intelligent in every way. Her commentary allowed us to speak with authority as outsiders, and give the porn community the respect it deserves."


You can listen to the podcast on iTunes or on the podcast's website. 


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