Let's Hope Jodie Sweetin Really Sweetens Up 2017

December 13, 2016 | Posted in Celebrity by jack-blackbush

How Great Would Jodie Sweetin's Boobs Make 2017?

So, I honestly think this is one of those moments when subtlety should be tossed out the window. I really, honest, and truly hope that in 2017, Jodie Sweetin will get nude. I know that's kind of blunt, but let's all just be honest with ourselves: Each and every one of us would love to see Jodie Sweetin topless.

And yes, I'm well aware that Fuller House isn't going to do a fuller shower scene anytime in the near future, but Jodie Sweetin is back on the scene and showing off her sexy side like in these photos from Maxim. She's got one hell of a body, an amazing pair of breasts and a pretty cute ass (I'm only assuming from what I'm seeing in these pics). Of course, the decision is totally up to Jodie Sweetin and she will do what she thinks is best, but man, it would really damn awesome if Jodie Sweetin went topless in 2017. 

None of us know if Jodie Sweetin ever plans to leave the bra on the floor and show off her goods, but as long as she keeps getting sexy like in these pics, I think we'll all be fine, just fine. But we'd be so much finer if Jodie Sweetin went nude in 2017.

Photos via Maxim

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