A Chat With AVN Best New Starlet Nominee Jojo Kiss

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Jojo Is Just The Best

It has truly been a pleasure watching AVN Best New Starlet nominee Jojo Kiss' career grow and bloom. She stands a solid shot of taking home the top honor of winning one of AVN's most coveted trophies and she could not be more of a sweet, grounded person with great priorities and motivations. 

Congrats on your nomination for AVN Best New Starlet! How does it feel being nominated for that honor?

"Thank you! It feels absolutely fantastic. I'm proud of myself for achieving a goal I set for myself back before I was even in the industry." 

Who else nominated in this category inspires you as a performer?

"That's a toughie, because all the girls nominated for Best New Starlet are the girls I was always with. It's almost like there's porno generations, except they go bi-yearly. We all started so close together and ran around shooting for the same movies. They all inspire me and I hope them all the best of luck!"


What does being nominated for this award do for you practically and emotionally as a performer?

"Being nominated emotionally affected me the most. I'm a very goal-oriented person and when I don't meet my goals, I can be hard on myself. So when I heard my name called at the pre-nom party, my whole agency was hugging me and I hate to admit it but I nearly cried. I'm a softie sometimes. Practically, I'm sure it'll open more doors for me in my career, which is what's truly important."

What have you learned most about yourself from your time as a performer to date?

"I just turned twenty years old, I joined the industry four months after my eighteenth birthday--my brain isn't even fully developed! A teenager in general learns more and more about themselves every month, and being in this industry has only sped the process up. I've learned that I can push myself to limits I never even thought of before, that I'm strong and sexual and that's okay! I feel myself becoming this successful, sexually empowered woman and I think the industry really gave me that push. Not everybody is cut out for this line of work, and not everybody leaves taking away good aspects of it but me personally, I think growing up (per se) as an adult performer has been nothing but beneficial for me." 

What goals do you have for yourself and your porn career from here?

"I used to have everything all mapped out, but I've kinda learned to just go with the flow. There's a couple companies I still haven't worked for, and I would be honored to get a showcase, win an award, etc., etc.. I just want to keep having fun, and keep feeling proud of myself. taking all the opportunities that are presented, and not sweating the small stuff."

You are also in an AVN nominated orgy scene in Jules Jordan Video's "Orgy Masters 8". What is the most fun thing about being in a porn orgy?

"Yes, I was! And what a great time I had that day! The thing that's the most fun about an orgy is just the sheer chaos of it all. Everywhere you turn people are fucking, sucking and cumming. It's kinda liberating."


Is there anything that you haven't done on screen yet that you really want to try?

"I would like to do a DP scene at some point, and I still haven't done a gangbang or a blowbang, either but the women-obsessed half of me can't wait until the day I get gangbanged but by a bunch of gorgeous women. There must be a sexier word for that, if it's all female, but I don't know it ha ha ha. (I go with "girlbang".--HK) I'll have to start thinking of a couple of my porno crushes and pitch the idea to somebody so I can check another fantasy off the list. ;)"

What advice would you give another female performer about being successful as a porn star?

"Save your money, take your health seriously and don't let anybody bully you into doing something you don't want to do."


What else is coming up for you?

"As far as scenes, I'm very excited about a threesome anal I did for LeWood, and I did a really cool scene in the trunk of my very own SUV for Hustler. The guys had to clean out my wreck of a vehicle and throw away all the trash that had pooled into the passenger side. It was pretty hilarious, and I went home with a clean car.  As far as life, who knows! I'm twenty, man. I'll be in the industry for a while though, don't worry. ;) Maybe I'll get to do some cool parody porn or get killed in some indie slasher movie."

Is there anything that you would like to say to your fans here at Fleshbot?

"Just that I value and appreciate your support, and I hope you enjoy my work as much as I enjoy working! My social media is @missjojokiss on Instagram and Twitter, I do custom videos/sell merch so shoot me a tweet if there's something you're interested in. :) Thank you all and thank you, Holly!"

All of the images and video here appear courtesy of LeWood Productions/Evil Angel and are from Kiss' scene in "Anal Newbies 5"Click right here to go watch that right now!

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