Ready to Learn Something New: Bella Hadid Has a Pierced Nipple

December 8, 2016 | Posted in Celebrity by jack-blackbush

Learning, Especially About Bella Hadid's Boobs, Is Fun

We should all never stop learning. Even though it probably has been quite awhile since any of us have found ourselves in a classroom, learning should never stop. So, with the important of knowledge in mind, here is a fun new fact for you to put in your memory banks: Bella Hadid has a pierced nipple. See, learning still can be fun. 

I love to learn, I really do, and learning fun facts about really sexy people is a great way to keep your mind focused as you age. Forget all that stuff about doing puzzles and quizzes, all that stuff does it make you better at playing games. If you want to stay sharp and keep your mind running on all cylinders then you need to keep adding facts to your brain. We all knew Bella Hadid was really damn hot. We all knew that Bella Hadid probably had a great pair of breasts. And now we've learned that Bella Hadid has an awesome pierced nipple and that is a fact that none of us will forget for a long, long time.

Now, if you already knew this fact, then maybe you learned that Bella Hadid's pierced nipple looks pretty damn awesome next to a black blazer. See, you can still learn more facts about the facts you already knew.


Photos via Paper Magazine

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