Jennifer Lopez Has Some Sexy Shower Eyes

December 8, 2016 | Posted in Celebrity by jack-blackbush


No One Will Wear Shower Eyes Better Than J-Lo

There was the classic bar, then the double flick, the smoky eye, and of course, no one can ever forget the panda smudge, but I have a really strong feeling that a new trend in eye makeup is coming: the shower eyes. Thanks to Jennifer Lopez and her post-shower selfie, I really do think the trend of putting on eye makeup, then showering will soon be the look everyone is going for.

Of course, many will try to make the shower eyes look amazing - we all know that none will do it better than J-Lo. And hey, that's okay. J-Lo is J-Lo, that's just how the world works. And sure, there might be some out there who say that Jennifer Lopez isn't trying to start a new fashion trend, that she simply didn't do a great job at washing her eye makeup off. To that I say: How dare you, sir! How dare you! Jennifer Lopez is amazing at all things she does, and that includes showering. I promise you that she did everything she intended to do in that warm and steamy shower, including create a new trend in eye makeup that is going to take the planet by storm. She's Jennifer Lopez, and she does what she wants.

So, be on the lookout now for the shower eye. When you see it, smile to yourself because you saw it before everyone was doing it and you got see it look the sexiest it's ever going to look. Thanks, Jennifer Lopez, you're the best.

Via Jennifer Lopez on Instagram

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