#TBT Lucy Hale As the Perfect Femme Fatale

December 1, 2016 | Posted in Celebrity by jack-blackbush

Lucy Hale Needs to Charm Us Into Dangerous Situations

Okay, here's the thing: If you are going to make Lucy Hale look like the perfect femme fatale, then by Zeus, you need to put her in a film noir. Seriously, talk about a mysterious and seductive woman that would use her charms to lead her lovers into dangerous and compromising situations. But seriously, there isn't one of us who wouldn't go along for the ride.

I'm sure the people from V Magazine didn't know what they were getting into back in 2015 when they decided to make Lucy Hale a femme fatale. It's just a little frustrating because everyone does the film noir photo shoot and they don't make film noir films. It's like you look at Lucy Hale is some dark, seedy motel, wearing some sexy black lingerie and you want to know how she got there, what's she's after, and what will happen next, but you can't. It's only a photo shoot and not stills from a movie. Sure, Lucy Hale is super sexy, but I think we would all agree that seeing Lucy Hale be a super sexy femme fatale in a movie is way better than seeing her as a femme fatale in pictures alone.

Look, I get that the people at V Magazine have little to no power when it comes to what types of movie Hollywood produces, but you would think someone with ability to put Lucy Hale in a film noir would have seen these pictures by now. Well, if they haven't, maybe they will see them now.

Via V Magazine

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