Damn, Jennifer Lawrence. Damn.

November 22, 2016 | Posted in Celebrity by jack-blackbush

Each Picture Is the Sexiest J-Law Has Ever Been

You know sometimes there is very little to say. You see something and you’re practically speechless. You could struggle for hours to find the right words to describe what you are looking at, but in the end, the words will fall short. At that point, all you can say is Damn. Damn, Jennifer Lawrence. Damn.  

I don’t know what is about Vanity Fair that always, always manages to capture a side of Jennifer Lawrence that makes her look hotter than she has ever looked before. Maybe they hire the best photographer and crew, maybe they throw tons of money into every photo shoot, or maybe they just how to make J-Law look like the only beautiful woman in the entire universe. Seriously, take a moment and think of every photo spread of Jennifer Lawrence you’ve seen. There have been sexy Jennifer Lawrence spreads, sensual Jennifer Lawrence spreads, the normal, everyday hot Jennifer Lawrence spreads, but how many of them make you stop in your tracks and just stare. Only a few, only the ones from Vanity Fair. Damn, Jennifer Lawrence. Damn.  

Look, I could go through each picture and point out a hundred different reasons why that picture of Jennifer Lawrence is the best picture ever… until I get to the next one, but we’d be here all night and I’m sure we all have things to do. So just enjoy the stunning beauty that is J-Law. Damn, Jennifer Lawrence. Damn.  


Photos via Vanity Fair  

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