Lili Simmons Arrives As the New Clem on HBO’s "Westworld"

November 22, 2016 | Posted in straight by holly-kingstown


Lili Is the New Clementine!

After news that the series has officially been approved for ten more episodes, HBO's "Westworld" gave us all more intense drama last night, a smidge more Thandie Newton nudity (woohoo!) and the debut appearance of gorgeous blonde actress Lili Simmons.

Simmons plays the robot host who is assigned to the role of Clementine following the brutal death of the original robot played excellently by Angela Sarafyan. We get to hear her use the Clementine character's come-ons to park guests while the player piano gives us some Amy Winehouse to enjoy, and that is all pleasant, but it definitely drives home to robot madam Maeve exactly why she needs to get out of the park.

The arrival of Simmons to the series is pretty great news because she is an actress who has zero problem getting super violent and/or super sexy in any role that she takes. She was great on the otherwise troubled second season of HBO's "True Detective" but to me, her work in the lead role of Rebecca Proctor on Showtime's "Banshee" was where she shined. (The image above is of her in "Banshee".) She was down will all of the nudity and simulated sex possible on "Banshee" and I am absolutely thrilled that she is Sweetwater's latest robot hooker denizen. 

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