Seeing Olesya Rulin's Ass Is a Stunning Creation

November 18, 2016 | Posted in Celebrity by jack-blackbush


Like Seeing Mountains For the First Time

Have you ever wondered what it must have been like to have seen the mountains for the first time? Not like as a kid when you didn’t know what mountains were and then you saw them - I mean, like, being the first living creature with the ability to process the thought of seeing mountains. My guess is you would have looked at two perfect peaks and been truly stunned by the true beauty of nature, which is the same way we all feel looking at Olesya Rulin’s ass.  

So round, so perfect, such a beautifully crafted sight that we could spend hours upon hours simply staring and contemplating our purpose on this planet. Yes, Olesya Rulin has, to put it lightly, quite a wonderful rear end. You know, it took me almost half an hour to realize she wasn’t wearing a bikini. Yep, she’s rocking a one-piece bathing suit, but I couldn’t take my focus above the waste, so I had no idea. And you know, I might even dare to say Olesya Rulin is rocking a little sideboob in this one-piece, but I can’t be certain. Then again, with an ass as amazing as hers, she doesn’t have to rock anything else.  

You know, seeing mountains usually makes people feel small and unimportant in this world, but when staring at Olesya Rulin’s, you can’t help but feel like every single thing makes sense.  

Via Olesya Rulin on Instagram

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