Lily Collins Causes Much Confusion With Her Flesh-Colored Swimsuit

November 17, 2016 | Posted in Celebrity by jack-blackbush

Not Nude, But Lily Collins Is Sexy All the Same

I’m going to be totally honest right because we all have an understanding and honest is key part of that understanding. I totally thought Lily Collins was nude from the waste down in one of these pictures. I got so excited by that idea that I literally jumped out of my seat.  

True, it wasn’t a huge jump, I didn’t land feet away from my desk or anything. It was just a little jump with excitement that someone had snapped a picture of Lily Collins nude from the waste down. Of course this excitement was all for naught, because Lily Collins is actually wearing a flesh-colored bathing suit under this sparkling… thing (I don’t know what to call what she is wearing on the upper half of her body). But I will say that even though we weren’t able to see Lily Collins nude from the waste down, all of these pictures are still really pretty sexy. Though I would just caution all future photographers to have her wearing nude color anything to avoid future excitement and disappointment.  

But hey, it’s a total wash Lily Collins is rocking some pretty awesome see-through stuff and her cleavage is looking excellent. Only the sexiness of Lily Collins can cure the sadness of not seeing Lily Collins nude from the waste down.  

Photos via Malibu Magazine  

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