A Chat With Elegant Angel Contract Star Tasha Reign, Host of "Through My Rose Colored Lenses"

November 18, 2016 | Posted in Pornstars by holly-kingstown

Tasha Will Tell You All About It!

Elegant Angel contract star Tasha Reign has had a busy, busy year. The sunny California blonde has been working steadily for Elegant, turning in some great releases such as her very first star showcase for the company "Hard Reign" directed by AVN Hall of Famer Pat Myne. That movie has her first interracial scene in it, and more firsts for Elegant are on the way for this beauty. She has been feature dancing all over the country, performing for her fans online through her website, and letting them watch her sexy doings on Periscope.

Reign was also very active in fighting against California's Prop 60, which was thankfully defeated. She appeared on college campuses in the state, informing the students on how the proposed bill would have made life a whole lot harder and more dangerous for porn stars. (Casey Calvert outlined what that bill would have done to porn here in an interview here.)

Her latest venture is an online talk show called "Through My Rose Colored Glasses" where Reign promises to share her views on the current state of feminism and America's culture and society, giving the listener a porn star's perspective on what's going on in this crazy world that we all live in. You can check out the show by clicking here. Check out what she had to say about her busy, sexy world.

Congrats on your new talk show! What made you decide to start this new creative venture?

"Thank you so much! I love talking... I have always had an interest in radio, so I am really lucky that the producer thought my idea was a good one. In high school, I did a radio internship and grew to love that relationship with media."

Do you have any talk show role models? Are there any porn talk shows that you regularly listen to?

"I used to watch Jerry Springer. LOL! I enjoy listening to rap and indie rock music while I drive or even YouTube channels like Jenna Marbles'. My favorite stations in L.A. are 105.9 and 102.7 so in all honesty, no, I guess I do not listen or watch talk shows very often."


You did a ton of work to help stop California's Prop 60 from passing into law. What did you learned most from that experience?

"Thank you for acknowledging that effort. I certainly gave my all and tried my very best to do what I could with the platform that I have. I learned that my voice is much stronger than I knew. I learned our voices as an industry are being taken seriously. I learned that I despise politics. I learned a lot."

How are things going with your time as an Elegant Angel contract girl?

"I love shooting for Elegant Angel. We are shooting my second showcase with them next month and with all of my favorite talent."


What kind of projects do you most want to do with Elegant Angel? Is there something and/or someone that you haven't done on camera that you would like to under this contract?

"Yes, my first gangbang is coming very soon. We just booked the male talent!"

How have your feature dancing gigs been? Do you plan to travel more for these in the coming year?

"I enjoy dancing and usually do it once or twice per month. I will be in New York City in December and I just got to dance in my hometown in Orange County. I'm into the themes and music that go along with the performances."


What do you think are your strongest releases of the year? What are you proudest of?

"I am most proud of 'Hard Reign', my first showcase through Elegant Angel. I have enjoyed doing anal and girl/girl for them as well in 'Anal Fanatic 7' and 'Busty Workout 2'."

What advice would you give another female performer about being successful as a porn star exclusive to one company?

"That is a great question. Make sure that is something you are comfortable doing as your income will be coming from many different sources like dancing, hosting, merchandise, and online stuff. It is a full-time job in a way and if you like that format of working a few times a month and are lucky enough to have that opportunity, then go for it!"


What else is coming up for you?

"I just got two miniature piglets! I want to focus more on my personal site and produce more."

Is there anything that you would like to say to your fans here at Fleshbot?

"Thank you so incredibly much for all the support that you give me and have given me over the years!" 

All of the images here appear courtesy of Elegant AngelGo check out Reign's scenes on their website!

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